Supported OS

Our Plans


1 vCPU
50 HDD
1 IPv4
No Backup
Remote Access Console
Bandwidth 500Mb/s.


1 vCPU
50 HDD
1 IPv4
No Backup
Remote Access Console
Bandwidth 500Mb/s.


2 vCPU
100 HDD
Max 4 IPv4
Backup Optional
Remote Access Console
Bandwidth 500Mb/s.


4 vCPU
150 HDD
Max 10 IPv4
Backup Optional
Remote Access Console
Bandwidth 500Mb/s.

Every additional IPv4 address costs 2 euro for the initial setup without monthly fee.
Once received the donation, we start the setup of a virtual machine. All details will be sent by email.
Select your OS on donation form that appears once you click on donate button.
The purchase of vms will be done under the form of a donation, since
these costs cover the HW platform where these VMs are. For any kind of support
for every operating system you choose to install, please refer to the official documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well. Let's see:

  • We have the most cheap price on the market. If you don't want waste money, you should give us a try.
  • We are focus to install only BSD Operating Systems. If you love them, you should love us!
  • If you have special requirements, we are willing to listen to you and offer you customized solutions.
  • We want "few but good" customer.
  • What we offer is what you pay for. No surprise or hidden costs.

Physical server are offered us by OVH. They are located in UK datacenter.

Our goal is not to make profit. We don't have to pay much costs , people or complex infrastructure. That's why we can offer you a very good price!

Yes. We'll send you all details about URL, login and password to access to our internal panel. You can manage some aspects of your vms independently.

Yes. All our services are based on Vmware ESXi 6.5

Yes but only non-exits relay are permitted and payment must be yearly.

During our daily scan, if we discovered that you are using an exits relay, or you are using a non-exits relay without yearly payment, the VPS will be destroyed and money will not refunded.

In any case it is our right to interrupt the TOR services provided by your vm without prior notice, if these services somehow undermine the efficiency of the platform or cause direct and / or indirect damage to other users.

Yes. You can take an unlimited number of snapshot of your vm, through Vmware ESXi console.

Please be aware that snapshot are not backup! And they should be deleted as soon as possible.

Not by default. If you want ZFS as filesystem for your FreeBSD vm, you can specifiy it contacting us on Twitter.

Yes. If you don't specify it, every VM will be installed using the default FS layout provided by the selected OS.

Sure. Just to contact us and tell what kind of instance do you want. We simply increase CPU/RAM/HDD without reinstall vm! A reboot is required in some cases.

Yes. Just upload it somewhere and tell us. We upload it on our platform and setup a vm based on that image.

After that, through ESXi console, you can access it and configure the network with parameter we provide you.

Yes. We are sorry for this event. But we will not block you. For 10€ per VM, we'll provide you the VMDK of specific VM.

Yes. If our services don't match your requirement, just to stop to pay us! We don't force you to pay yearly :) You can pay month per month.

Contact Us to for more information!